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One day, returning from New York after a rich cultural program celebrating the birthday of Sri Chinmoy, I was full of inspiration and took a long time forgotten guitar. Since then, I started to sing even at my lectures. So at this page I wish to share the songs that accompanied me through life.

With guitar through life

Supreme. Recording from a meeting in Moscow 09 Dec 2007 (Supreme.mp3)

In 2007 I released my first CD: Peace of the Heart
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Words and music by Sri Chinmoy, except 5 and 9.

1. I fly in the Heart-Sky of my dear Supreme (01 I fly in the heart-sky.mp3)

2. Peace: God's Beauty in His Oneness-Home

3. One truth speaks to another truth: God is proud of us. (03 One truth speaks to another truth.mp3)
One life speaks to another life: God is fond of us.
One love speaks to another love: God is made of us.

4. Ke nibego

5. Mother Saraswati, when I think of you,
I can not see you. I can not feel you.
But with my music I try to tuch your feet.

6. You do not have to prove God's Love for you. (06 You do not have to prove.mp3)
Just feel that you live only for God's Love.

7. Montichello, silence and light wispers: hello!
Vision blossomed Emperor's treasure-rose.
Stop world-travelers: your journey's close

8. My gratitude heart always knows the way.
My oneness-perfection always is the way.

9. America the beautiful.

10. Stutisheel, Alakananda, Atandra



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